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Raintree Villas Homeowners Association

Tree Selections

The following are the trees that have been approved for acceptable replacements. Information about these trees were obtained through the internet. You should consider doing your own research before choosing. Click on button to read about each one


Trees that have to be removed from the berm, because they are diseased or dying will be replaced with trees which are native to Missouri and will flourish in our environment.

Please remember that the following issues are not the responsibility of the HOA

Erosion issues or provide fill dirt

If you have critter issues (moles, rats, mice, et.)

Trim or shape trees

The HOA does however, remove broken limbs or branches which have been damaged from storms or wind.

Please call Area Real Estate 816-650-6718 in regard to lawn care issues which include mowing, shrubs and trees which have been planted by the developer, etc.

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